Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alexander Stimpson???

I have good news and bad news to share with Buckingham Stinsons.

The good news is that our distant cousin, Edna, in Northern Virginia successfully documented her lineage to both David and Alexander Stinson, Sr. for the DAR. Her documentation met the DAR's gold standard for genealogical proof. This is very significant because Edna's lineage includes Archibald Stinson, our most elusive ancestor. Her application proved -- to the DAR's satisfaction -- that Archibald was the son of David Stinson, that he was married to Elizabeth, and that his children included Mary Stinson. We've been struggling for years to document those generations. Congratulations to cousin Edna!

The bad news is that the DAR registered both ancestors, David and Alexander, Sr., with the surname of STIMPSON. John Cunningham and I have examined Edna's documentation (available to the public for a research/copying fee) and see no reference to anyone named Stimpson. I've asked the research librarian who assisted me with the file search why the DAR changed our surname, but have yet to get a satisfactory answer. John, Rainnie and I believe it was simply a mistake by the Genealogy Department staff. I've asked that they review Edna's documentation and consider changing their new patriots' names to David and Alexander STINSON. I may have a response by e-mail tomorrow. If they refuse, one of us may be the first to document David and Alexander Stinson as DAR patriots after all.

You can see Edna's documentation here.
Click on the full screen icon in the upper far right corner (almost obscured) to view the document in a separate window. There are 15 pages.

Read this doc on Scribd: Copy of Edna Barney's Documentation

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