Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Proud, New DAR Member

One of the DAR's newest members is my sister, Larayne Cunningham, affectionately known as "Rainnie." We're both so excited that Rainnie's application was approved by the National Society (NSDAR.) One of the reasons we've both been pursuing DAR membership so vigorously is to have the satisfaction of knowing that our genealogy research truly proves our lineage -- and the DAR is the gold standard for genealogical proof.
Rainnie submitted her application on our 4th Great Grandfater, and a known DAR Patriot, George Norvell. In other words, a Patriot who other women have already based their membership on and is therefore documented. However, proving her lineage from our father all the way to George, was a challenge. At first her application was denied, but with a bit of explanation about the documentation the approval was on its way.
George Norvell was one of the signers of the Albemarle Declaration of Independence, along with Thomas Jefferson. This historic document is now housed in the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond. We're both very proud to claim George as an ancestor.
My own application, using Rainnie's member number, is now at NSDAR and I'm looking forward to my approval soon.
To see Rainnie's application, click here: OR on the title of this entry.
Interested in becoming a DAR (or SAR) member? Rainnie and I will be happy to share copies of the documents we used to substantiate our lineage to George Norvell.

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