Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stinsons Own Piece of Alexander's Land

Cousin Dwayne Stinson in Richmond sent this message following my last post with the Google Earth images of Alexander Stinson’s property:

Interesting maps! You might find it equally interesting that one Stinson still owns a small portion of Alexander's original holdings. Gerald Phaup Stinson (my father's first cousin; son of Elijah, son of Junius Stinson and Mary Lou Stinson. Junius was the son of George Watson Stinson; Mary Lou was the daughter of Wingfield Stinson; George and Wingfield were sons of Joseph Carrington Stinson, son of Archibald… ). Gerald died last year, but leaves behind a wife, Donna, a son, John, and a daughter, Lindsay (now Hopkins).

Their property sits at the intersection of Route 600 and Plank Road. Since our family sold our holdings some years ago, I believe this is the last Stinson who holds any of Alexander's property. It had passed out of Stinson hands, however, and came back into Gerald's hands through his mother, a Phaup.

Gerald’s line to Alexander: Gerald Phaup Stinson was son of Elijah, son of Junius, son of George Watson, son of Joseph Carrington, son of Archibald, son of David, son of Alexander, Sr.

My sister, Rainnie, and her husband, John Cunningham, once owned and ran a farm in Buckingham County. They sold the property a number of years ago and have since learned the land was part of Alexander's property near Willis Mountain. At the time, they had no idea they were working land once owned by our 5th great grandfather.

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