Sunday, June 15, 2008

Calling for Reunion Photos

The weather was perfect as the cousins, many of whom had never met, gathered at Carol & Chick Childress' farm in New Canton. Nina Kellogg, a descendent of Alexander's son, Cary Stinson, was there from California. She's pictured on the right with Charles Stinson. Nina stayed several days in Virginia doing some excellent family research. Dennis Reid, from Mechanicsville, and Ray Cobean, from Springfield, met their Buckingham cousins for the first time and no longer are thought of as "distant" cousins.

Best of a
ll, Ida Estelle Benson, the surviving child of John Thomas and Ida Maxey Stinson, was there looking as beautiful as ever. After presenting Carol & Chick with a gorgeous flower arrangement Estelle held court in a shady spot outside the pavillion, -- truly the grand dame of the Buckingham Stinsons.

And, oh, the food! The tables of casseroles, chicken, barbeque, country ham, cakes, and pies were as long as a football field. Well, it looked like it, anyway. Charles Stinson offered the blessing and he must have been as hungry as the rest of us, because it was a mighty short prayer for a Baptist preacher!

The bad news is that I only got six good photos during the reunion. The good news is that lots of folks were snapping photos. So, if you have pictures you'd like to share, please send them to me. Paper, e-mail or by CD, it doesn't matter. You can see the ones I took on the Buckingham Stinsons Website. Click on "Reunion '08 Photos" on the left menu.

Next year we promise to do a group photo, and have a loud speaker so Marvin won't have to whistle to get everyone's attention. Although, the whistle worked pretty good!

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