Saturday, September 1, 2007

Introducing the Buckingham Stinsons Blog

This Blog is About Sharing Family History.

This blog is my way of sharing the family history information I've collected on my father's ancestors in Buckingham County, Virginia. I'll do my best not only to post information, but also to include sources and citations. I've been researching Buckingham Stinsons a relatively short time and still consider myself a novice. But my sister, Larayne Stinson Cunningham and her wonderful husband, John, have been at it for years. John has been practicing genealogy for over 50 years (I think he started as a child!) and has kept Rainnie and me on a straight research path. Since about 2003 we've worked as a team and made much progress.

I hope you'll add your comments, and share your own information about our Buckingham Stinson family history.

The Trunk of The Family Tree.

Aubrey Ray Stinson > John Thomas Stinson > David Washington Stinson > John Stinson > Archibald Stinson > David Stinson > Alexander Stinson, Sr.

My Stinson line, from my father, Aubrey Ray, back seven generations to Alexander Stinson, Sr., will provide the trunk of the family tree discussed in this blog. I'll include siblings whenever they're known so all my cousins can see how we're related.

Other branches, or surnames, will include: Norvell, Maxey, Sweeney, Guerrant, Hudgens (or Hudgins) and Bryant (or Briant.) They're all part of the Buckingham Stinson tree.


An Admirer said...

Kathy, this is a WONDERFUL idea. Thanks so much for creating your blog.

John Cunningham said...

GREAT SITE! Keep up the good work. Let me know how I can help.